Why Choose Us

Our experience in the shipping industry and our passion for success inspired us to develop a unique business model that would allow customers anywhere in the world to have access to American mega stores and the ability to have their purchases shipped to them efficiently and without hassle.

Experience in the Industry

Our team of experts has been working together in the international shipping company for 15 years. We have offices located in Whippany, New Jersey, one of the world's largest commercial hubs. Not only does this mean you get to reap the huge discounts we receive from being a recognized international shipper, it also means that your information and your items are in the hands of people who know what they're doing and who understand how the industry works.

Real Customer Service

We don't have hidden fees because we believe in honesty and integrity and in doing the best we can to make your experience with us satisfying and worthwhile. Our website is designed to help save you money with our coupon finder and our offers of the day. Our services such as the Personal Shopper and the Pacxo prepaid card are available to help make the process as simple and easy as possible.

We Make it Simple

Our main goal is to make shopping and shipping internationally as easy as possible. With our streamlined website you can login to your account from anywhere, manage your mail and packages, combine orders, and choose when and where you want your items shipped - all with the click of a button. And if there's anything you can't figure out, our team will be there to help you with whatever you need.

Top Benefits

Shop any store in the USA

Use your new US postal address as the shipping destination and we'll receive your package at our location in Whippany, New Jersey.

Find brand-name items without overpaying

Whether you're looking for fashion, technology, or supplies for your business, you can always find the best brands for lower prices in the US market.

Get the best deals possible

Our powerful website tools can help you compare prices and find sales on the items you need.

Ship the way you want

Choose when and where your packages arrive. Choose between multiple carriers. UPS, FedEX, DHL, and USPS are all available.

Ship efficiently

Lower your costs by consolidating orders and repackaging to minimize weight.

Save money

By shipping with us you can take advantage of the discounts we receive through shipping large quantities. This can be up to 80% lower when shipping internationally!

Why Choose Us

Login to your account from any computer with an internet connection to shop, manage your account, and ship orders.

Let us help you

If a website requires that purchases be made with US currency, just have our Personal Shopper buy it for you and charge your account.

Greater Security

Use our Pacxo prepaid card to make purchases without jeopardizing your own credit.

Your mail, anytime

Sign in to your mailbox to receive, view, and US mail forwarding from anywhere.

Greater flexibility

Add additional names and addresses to your account so you can share the benefits of the service with friends and family.

Now you can shop wherever you want. What are you waiting for?

Repackaging to minimize weight and save you money

Combining multiple orders into a single shipment

Screening for damaged or prohibited items prior to shipping

Guaranteed lowest shipping rates

Fast delivery right to your door